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Basic Clash of Clans Wall Guide

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Clash of Clans |

With enough upgrades, one wall can have more health than any other structure in Clash of Clans. The walls are destructible obstacles that players can use to help protect their buildings and resources from enemy attacks. Players get more walls with each Town Hall level, allowing them to take larger and more complex core designs with all levels. Upgrade walls is expensive and is the largest gold sink in the Clash of Clans.

003While even the walls of max level can be easily destroyed by Wall Breakers, the harder it is for the regular units to break through. Each wall occupies a 1 × 1tile they can bind to clash of clan hack each other and form junctions diagonally. Walls placed directly north, south, east or west of another wall will form a seal and they will undergo a graphic change on the screen. A “joint” refers to where the separate walls together to form a seal that enemy ground units cannot pass through. One of the most important concepts to understand the murals in Clash of Clans is exactly how Wall seals work. The goal is to avoid 5-way joint at all costs. If a northeastern wall, northwest, southwest, southeast all intersect in one place, destroying this unique wall at the center of the joint units will give access to an enemy player in all four areas originally bricked by this joint. It is best to try instead and stagger your walls so that the largest seal is a 3-way. It is impossible not to have 3-way joints in a basic design, especially at higher levels. Consider that enemy players are always looking to destroy these joints because they often give the player access to several parts of a base, then if the player was to destroy another wall. If you try to place all your buildings
behind your walls, you will not have enough walls to create multiple barriers. Players have a limited number of walls at each level of the town hall.

002Enemy units attack only the walls, if there is no reasonable walking distance to buildings of the attack. Enemy units tend to avoid the walls and instead seek ways to the ground to get to their target.
This allows players to place the traps at the entrance of this funnel, forcing enemy units in their traps. As a result, players often leave gaps in the walls, knowing that the enemy units will naturally try to get into their base through these gaps. It is a mistake to confuse all your buildings in the center of the base and cover all buildings with a wall. You want to have many wall layers that force enemy ground units to break in order to reach your important structures.

Clash Of Clans Update Issues – Loot reduction?

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Clash of Clans |

Clash Of Clans update was just released, and a few fans are experiencing considerable difficulties to it. A typical grumbling is that the patch doesn’t store enough loot to the players. Clash Of Clans now is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

Clash Of Clans was updated with Treasury patch to address Town Hall 11 concerns, however not everybody is cheerful about it. A percentage of the patch’s highlight  don’t give a sufficient change and still make it troublesome for those playing at higher levels. The news comes to Design and Trend by means of reactions in a game . Since the details of the updates are completely uncovered, numerous fans imagine that more changes ought to be made.

The most interesting is clash of clans triche 2016 and in the spot of the group nowadays is the expansion of the patch. In past sneak looks, the Supercell sold the component as a raid war mid-section. It was promoted on that way but, in any case, that  stockpiling assignments are too low. The most recent outline demonstrates that every level offers a support of 10,000 to 20,000 resources for advancement. If that is true, an unranked gamer can store 10,000 gold and 10,000 elixir in the Treasury. At most, those numbers move to 360,000 of every resource. That may seem like a great deal of plunder from a numeric viewpoint, be that as it may, particularly when the units are not upgraded, it doesn’t take long for that ability to fill to the maximum. In that capacity, the new Clash Of Clans play style basically empowers taking out all Treasury loot in a time of attack. As one gamer “it is exceptionally hard to play the game at higher levels, because Treasury capacity is terribly low.”  Everything considered, it appears that a part of the group has chosen that the Treasury is not so spectacular as Supercell initially thought it out to be. From numerous points of view, it’s a new Clan Castle. One noteworthy contrast,  is that destruction of Castle offered  5 percent of the loot, now With the Treasury, that number has been diminished to only three percent

Interestingly enough, the Treasury was presented after the arrival of the introductory Town Hall 11 redesign. Those disappointed by the Treasury’s ability have pretty much turned to not utilizing it in the game. Supercell has reacted to the objection by sharing a fan-made video that shows how the element is best utilized. We are all waiting for next move from developers, meanwhile Treasury seems to be just a bad idea.

Minecraft Fun!

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in Minecraft |

Minecraft is pure fun! This time we will give you few new ideas how you can enjoy even more in awesome Minecraft!


Minecraft Lava Game!

As a child, you surelly played the game where you weren’t permitted to touch the floor/ground. You needed to use cushions, seats, shakes, logs, and whatever else in your surroundings to keep you from touching the imaginable magma underneath you. The delights of this a amusement can be played again in Minecraft. To begin with, assemble the materials and give yourself 10 minutes to get ready. Once the time is up, you need to stay off the ground. The “magma” is Dirt, Grass, Stone, Water, and each other material. Cobblestone, Wood Planks and Lily Pads are all awesome materials to keep your feet from lava. Ensure you gather the squares behind you as you’ll come up short on materials in the end!


Minecraft Colonisation

Your objective in Colonization is minecraft gratuit sans telechargement to make a case for as many islands as you can!Create a structure on every island you find and assume control over the world. When one island is guaranteed, proceed to another. This game is even more fascinating while playing with friends. You have a go at colonizing a bigger number of islands then your friends! Pick a material, unite with your friends to bring down different opponents.


Minecraft Raids!

The vikings were heartless. They would annihilate towns by torching them, killing the villigers and taking the plunder. You can be much the same as them with this mode. Chase for Villages and bring them down the way it was done in the good old days. Once there are no Villagers left, plunder the remains and proceed onward to the following village. Playing with friends makes this Minecraft mode great fun as you can charge Villages in a pack and take them down in a matter of seconds.



This one requires a pack of friends and some rules. Xbox players have adventage here, as a few elements required to play this game are restrictive to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Your objective in Zombies is to contaminate other players. Start up a seed in Creative Mode and set your limits with a divider. One player begins as the Zombie. The Zombie gives everybody a couple of minutes to run. Skin Pack 1, Skin Pack 3, Festive Skin Pack, and Birthday Skin Pack are all great Zombie skins for this mode. In case that you don’t have any of these, select some other skin to be the Zombie skin and have fun!

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Posted by on Dec 5, 2015 in X-box |

Rise of the Tomb Raider is Crystal Dynamics game that, at least visually brings Lara in two location Siberia and Syria through a flashback, and it has a great art direction and technically a level above average with xbox live gold membership. Rise of the Tomb Raider looks like being a sequel worthy of its predecessor, without novelty seen here but should accomplish its purpose among fans of Lara Croft and also in others if manages to blend its very catchy phases of the game and those that mark its difference with previous sequel.

While the exterior look a bit below and some details may wince (reaction drifts the passage of Lara, a lip-sync by capricious moments, little detailed wide shots), but this second opus amply treats the retina in more confined places or in the famous Tombs, which are still expected to advance in the game to really judge their difficulty. The scan that is triggered via pressing the right stick allows you not only to direct you if you are lost or stuck, but also provides a clue to the blind spots of your opponents. Rise of the Tomb Raider is not exactly overwhelming in early hours of gameplay (which is logical), so hard to really get an idea of the quality of clashes. But again, Crystal Dynamics seems to leave the choice to the player, as was the case in the previous game between the discrete approach or returns inside. The second solution is obviously more risky and seems a bit less bloody from a purely technical point of view, even if one waits to see larger skirmishes to judge.

Infiltration phases work much better about themselves. The scan that is triggered via pressing the right stick allows you not only to direct you if you are lost or stuck, but also provides a clue to the blind spots of your opponents. Using some arrows and possible glass bottles to divert attention in places a little too supervised, we managed to trace route without detection. The feeling of power is quite exhilarating even if these phases are sealed by a bit strange design choices (provided you have spotted an enemy, you are forced to get out of your hiding place, even if you eliminate the meantime ) and a sometimes confusing AI (including a field of view completely rough and sometimes surprising). Rise of the Tomb Raider is bringing a lot of fun and action for the legions of dedicated fans of Lara Croft.

Dragon Strategy

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Clash of Clans |

Dragons are extremely powerful units in Clash of Clans, most often they are used when player reach Town Hall level 8. But, you can always use only the Dragons! Some designs uses specific bases that can break dragons, so it’s time you know you learn something much more special – Clash of Clans Gemmes Gratuites Android. That’s Dragon Attack Strategy!

This is special strategy that uses 8 Baloons and 13 Dragons with addition of poison and lightening spell. You should also use your Barbarian King and place 5 Baloons in Clan Castle. I recommend using this strategy just attack the Town Hall 8. Hall 7 players, simply enter with 3 Lightning spells on the enemy, destroy air defense and then deploy dragons in a line for an easy 3 stars. It’s just easy as that, it can not be more difficult. There are several bases that you should consider to attack. Look for bases that do not have maxed air defenses and bases that have air defenses in more than 8 tiles difference. You can also destroy an air defenses with balloons without support spells. It is not difficult at all to attack with Dragon strategy. Just follow simple steps. Find Air Defense you think is the most difficult to remove by using troops, both Dragon and lightening. Just drag three Lightning spells on it. Then, it is time to deploy your Dragon. Choose a line to draw dragons ahead and focus on the more difficult air defenses and then send several balloons to destroy it. Deploy one Dragon on each side of the chosen channel and drop the remaining dragons in the attack.

Dragon Strategy is one of the most powerful strategies in Clash of Clans. Most of the bases does not have enough air defensive structures to prevent huge amount of dragons and Baloons. Once the troops of the enemy clan are locked in, destroy them with your dragons and once all defenses that distract your balloons are all down, victory is almost yours. You can find and destroy the second AD later. Once the last air defense army has locked your dragon, just deploy your Clan Castle balloons to take it down. You can also attack Air Defense in the core with 3x Lightning spells. Start attacking from the left side. Once the cannons and Archer Tower are down, deploy your balloons there and they can easily get the Air Defense. Once the last AD begin to attack your army, drop your castle clan troops and you will win a battle.

Red Goddess: Inner World on PlayStation 4

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in PS4 Games |

Red Goddess: Inner World by Yannim Studio company opens new ‘metroidvania’ on PlayStation 4. Red Goddess: Inner World comes directly from psn code generator pc and the mind of Yanick Puig, the creative director of this company, where he has turned his thoughts about ancient gods that you can glimpse the problems he has been having a teenage forgetful by trauma of a prior life, and facing the traditional problems of everyone who crosses that age. Fear, anger, guilt, attachment to family and loved ones, and many other feelings that we may have experienced in our youth, or maybe you stand right now living directly or indirectly.

Because the history of Red Goddess puts us in the shoes of Divine, a goddess, even with her powers and great abilities, but also with very human feelings, we discover as we go through this metroidvania inspired game in tandem with Guacamelee! and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. The space where the action takes place is the inner world of Divine, which needs to venture to know what happened to the real world, and which is following other voices with a ghostly appearance. Gradually in the game appear different characters that can interact by pressing the appropriate button, in most cases only to give us any advice or track, but the most important characters marked us with different tasks that will be mandatory to advance in the story. The enemies are extremely simple at first, but slowly proving to be a real challenge, added certain skills (such as remote attack), combined with the traps and otherskills.

These tasks are visiable on the map, a rather large map that we can bring up on the screen by pressing the touch panel controller PlayStation 4, which can make an interesting zoom that allows us basically to solve the problem if sometimes we do not have enough angle of view of what is happening around, which is dangerous when we have to make a leap into a void.

Red Goddess belongs to a subgenre of metroidvania for more demanding and experienced players, as might be the above-mentioned Guacamelee! Unlike Drinkbox game this time the story is designed for younger crowd that does not know what that resist the urge to pull the command against a surface not too advisable when faced with the harsh end of the game platforms. Of course, if you like challenges in style of Dark Souls, please, be welcome and enter the world of the red goddess, because there is difficulty for everyone.