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Dragon Strategy

Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in Clash of Clans |

Dragons are extremely powerful units in Clash of Clans, most often they are used when player reach Town Hall level 8. But, you can always use only the Dragons! Some designs uses specific bases that can break dragons, so it’s time you know you learn something much more special – Clash of Clans Gemmes Gratuites Android. That’s Dragon Attack Strategy!

This is special strategy that uses 8 Baloons and 13 Dragons with addition of poison and lightening spell. You should also use your Barbarian King and place 5 Baloons in Clan Castle. I recommend using this strategy just attack the Town Hall 8. Hall 7 players, simply enter with 3 Lightning spells on the enemy, destroy air defense and then deploy dragons in a line for an easy 3 stars. It’s just easy as that, it can not be more difficult. There are several bases that you should consider to attack. Look for bases that do not have maxed air defenses and bases that have air defenses in more than 8 tiles difference. You can also destroy an air defenses with balloons without support spells. It is not difficult at all to attack with Dragon strategy. Just follow simple steps. Find Air Defense you think is the most difficult to remove by using troops, both Dragon and lightening. Just drag three Lightning spells on it. Then, it is time to deploy your Dragon. Choose a line to draw dragons ahead and focus on the more difficult air defenses and then send several balloons to destroy it. Deploy one Dragon on each side of the chosen channel and drop the remaining dragons in the attack.

Dragon Strategy is one of the most powerful strategies in Clash of Clans. Most of the bases does not have enough air defensive structures to prevent huge amount of dragons and Baloons. Once the troops of the enemy clan are locked in, destroy them with your dragons and once all defenses that distract your balloons are all down, victory is almost yours. You can find and destroy the second AD later. Once the last air defense army has locked your dragon, just deploy your Clan Castle balloons to take it down. You can also attack Air Defense in the core with 3x Lightning spells. Start attacking from the left side. Once the cannons and Archer Tower are down, deploy your balloons there and they can easily get the Air Defense. Once the last AD begin to attack your army, drop your castle clan troops and you will win a battle.

Red Goddess: Inner World on PlayStation 4

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in PS4 Games |

Red Goddess: Inner World by Yannim Studio company opens new ‘metroidvania’ on PlayStation 4. Red Goddess: Inner World comes directly from psn code generator pc and the mind of Yanick Puig, the creative director of this company, where he has turned his thoughts about ancient gods that you can glimpse the problems he has been having a teenage forgetful by trauma of a prior life, and facing the traditional problems of everyone who crosses that age. Fear, anger, guilt, attachment to family and loved ones, and many other feelings that we may have experienced in our youth, or maybe you stand right now living directly or indirectly.

Because the history of Red Goddess puts us in the shoes of Divine, a goddess, even with her powers and great abilities, but also with very human feelings, we discover as we go through this metroidvania inspired game in tandem with Guacamelee! and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. The space where the action takes place is the inner world of Divine, which needs to venture to know what happened to the real world, and which is following other voices with a ghostly appearance. Gradually in the game appear different characters that can interact by pressing the appropriate button, in most cases only to give us any advice or track, but the most important characters marked us with different tasks that will be mandatory to advance in the story. The enemies are extremely simple at first, but slowly proving to be a real challenge, added certain skills (such as remote attack), combined with the traps and otherskills.

These tasks are visiable on the map, a rather large map that we can bring up on the screen by pressing the touch panel controller PlayStation 4, which can make an interesting zoom that allows us basically to solve the problem if sometimes we do not have enough angle of view of what is happening around, which is dangerous when we have to make a leap into a void.

Red Goddess belongs to a subgenre of metroidvania for more demanding and experienced players, as might be the above-mentioned Guacamelee! Unlike Drinkbox game this time the story is designed for younger crowd that does not know what that resist the urge to pull the command against a surface not too advisable when faced with the harsh end of the game platforms. Of course, if you like challenges in style of Dark Souls, please, be welcome and enter the world of the red goddess, because there is difficulty for everyone.

My comments on Fifa 16

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in Fifa 16 |

Fifa 16 is newest game in FIFA series, EA sports improved many aspects of this game. I will cover free fifa 16 coins online and few important issues in this text Before starting my review I want to emphasize that now we can play different friendly tournaments worldwide, with more or less difficulty and prize money, without limitation, while we can get delicious extra income.

Now you can train players between games, boosting their attributes. There are also a number of other small improvements that had been asked by community.While playing animations are still as good as ever, with new additions, we have to stick a severe slap on the wrist by the kinematic and replays during matches, which are sometimes jerky, animations abruptly spoils the final result. Perhaps the series need a new graphics engine, we will see next year. Last year we said that FIFA need to figure it out the new generation of graphic engine, and again we have to repeat the speech. Again it returns to work at 1080p and 60fps on both consoles, and this year has improved the lighting, which is evident in the faces, still far more from realistic.The presentation and everything that surrounds the games is excellent, better each year, with great details, and new tattoos of players like Messi in the arm, recreated with great detail, or have included spray now used by referees to mark edge area of the barrier, a white paint that even gradually cleared. There is a new and useful menu of the best plays, that you can use during breaks, and new weather conditions like foggy, overcast, rainy and very cloudy intermittent snow weather conditions. FIFA 16 features 50 real stadiums and 26 fictional, an enormous figure for a football game.

The sound is also excellent, with 900 real songs of stadiums around the world, and the comments in various languages, sports journalists you will like more or less, but recognize the enormous amount of lines of dialogue that includes the game, making very insightful comments.The soundtrack is again very complete and varied, and as always anticipates some of the themes that are sure to become a success in the coming months.Like it or not the rate at which the series progresses, EA Sports seems to have pretty clear that developments should be introduced gradually, and although this year FIFA didn’t gave spectacular revolution, all changes seem successful, and improved in all aspects.

How to quickly get 10k Followers on Instagram?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Instagram tricks |

Instagram is a free application, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, launched on October 6, 2010, which allows users to take photos, apply filters, and share them on numerous social networking services, including Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and other social network sites. We are giving you a step by step guide to follow to increase your followers on Instagram so you can get free instagram followers. Today, this “pseudo-social network” have about 300 million active users per month, of which 49% use it daily! These numbers are still growing and increase exponentially, so much so that more and more activities and professionals of all kinds are deciding to use it to promote their business and attract new potential customers. To ensure we have a result, the best thing to do is choose to pursue a niche.

1. Choose a Topic
First you will need to choose a theme, that will generate a lot of attention, and lot of followers. Posting 10 selfies a day, will not achieve a lot, unless you are imaginative and creative in every shot. Ideally, choose one passionate theme, then shoot and publish only pictures related to it. In this way, users interested in our industry will start to follow us, every day expecting to find quality content.

2. Find Your Facebook Friends
It is possible to find and add your friends on other social networks directlyto Instagram, like Facebook, for example. This is great, since it allows to have a solid base of real follower that allow to increase more than the total number of followers, the degree of engagement.

3. Quality

Each picture that you will post will be taken to the best of our ability with regard to light and resolution. This primarily means one thing: no built-in cameras! Advise is against using the built-in camera of Instagram, but you can use an app outside, which gives the possibility to edit it before being posted. You can use Council Snapseed in order to bypass the desire to use filters of Instagram, which often do nothing.

4. Use popular tags and a few words of description
Use the hashtag related targeted to your niche. For each post, Instagram add the ability to add 30 different hash tags in the description. On this way, you will notice that, right now, after posting your photos with hashtag, people will begin to interact through likes, comments and, at best, following you.

Basic Defense in Clash of Clans

Posted by on Oct 13, 2015 in Gaming |

Defense is essential part of Clash of Clans, in such degree that we may say that the defense is more important than attacking. When you start the game you will find yourself in a position of constant assaults, therefore good and solid defense is the best possible way of saving all your valuable resources in the game, as well as use of clash of clans cheats.

Clash of Clans have many decent defensive structures, it is up to you to make good and solid defense.There are many mistakes that you can make while creating the basic layout for your defense, such differences is the everything that is creating good defense. The first defensive structure that you should build is Mortar. This is important because Mortar have splash damage that will keep your village save from Barbarians and Archers. Be sure to protect your Mortar with some cannons and archer towers. Pay attention on the center of your base because enemies can be deployed in this area also. Disadvantage is that you cannot build  anything in this area stop them, so you must  plan very carefully your defensive structures in advance. Do not forget  to build walls after all they are supposed to be primary defensive structures in the entire game. Place your the best defensive structures behind them to gain additional protection. You can always check where your enemies will appear by moving your structure,

At that time white line will appear and show every direction where enemy can be deployed. Pay special attention to any holes in your defensive line, such empty space can ruin your entire defense. In such spaces, you can lace Spring Traps or Hidden Tesla Towers that will give you solid protection from quick ambushes. In creating solid defense in Clash of Clans the most important thing is to create synergy among your Towers. That means that you should always place a ground based Tower next to Air Tower ad vice versa, so that they can protect each other. This will give additional protection to your entire base. To create a successful defense you will need some time and patience, but it is one of the most important aspects in the entire game. Once you understand basic principles of successful defending in Clash of Clans you will be able to organize defense of the entire game.At this point it is paramount to place a secure defense, right after that you should go and create a army that will be used in farming. There are many combinations, we recommend that you should make an combination of Barbarians and Archers. Start to farm with this army and gather resources for future upgrades.

Defending in Fifa 16

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in Gaming |

If you analyze the rhythm and structure of new Fifa 16, you will definitely conclude that it is very, very different game from Fifa 15, in many aspects. First impression is that Fifa 16 is much slower game in some sense. I do not know why developers decided to go this strange way, but in some way it is feeling like some kind of simulation, or tactical simulator. Probably they wanted to incorporate more elements, but we must accept it as it is. Nevertheless, let us discuss defending in Fifa 16.

If you want to be good Fifa 16 player, you simply must understand defense system, that is you may conclude, completely different than it was in Fifa 15. If you was expert in defense in Fifa 15, you need to change your practice and learn a lot of new things and create good team. With that in mind, fifa 16 coin generator can be a valuable help. First of all you should understand the right tackle to use and understand when to move and in what direction. all those elements may sound a lotlle bit strange and even overwhelming at the time, nut you should try to practice them. Use arena to become better in your specific moves and to get automatic reflexes in the game.

You should also understand when to run, when to innate sprint in order to limit your opponent. That will significantly reduce his chances to score a goal in Fifa 16. Our advice is to invest a lot of  practice in developing good and solid defense. Fifa 16 is slower game, it is not so easy to score a goal, you need more skill and more proficiency to do it.

In Fifa 15 one of the most important things were the fact that you own fast players, or players with high speed in your ideal team. Most of goals were scored by such players, and speed was the most important factor in the entire game. EA changed this by slowing entire pace of the game and by placing more tactical moves in the game, such is No Touch Dribbling and other moves. Such implementation slower s game from one side, and increased average complexity of the game. New players will need to invest much more type, effort and energy in Fifa 16 if they want to become good players than it was the case in Fifa 15.